Creation In The Visual Form

Freak Pelican Studio is a collaborative effort with a direction of like minds. 




There is one drive behind the artist ( call them makers, developers, directors, photographers, painters, producers, writers, architects or otherwise) and that is un-deniable. The force is an element of determination to see something that was previously never seen.

Timeless + Bleeding Edge

Fads come and go. FPS goal is to teeter on the fine line insanely original without being avanté garde to the level of being years ahead of the current dialogue. 


If an image is worth a thousand words... We strive to make those words something easy to recall in context. High contrast of acerbic intent with puppy dog lovability. 

satisfied not satiated 

Its easy to "please some people some of the time", instead allowing the work to be nothing less than brilliant is big around these parts.